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Please excuse the mess, as I have been working hard on many aspects of my site.  Currently, I am looking to recode the whole thing to make the layout compliant, something not easy when you use iframes and targetting.  Also, enjoy the new dynamic menu, and I look to get many more things added (still).

Currently, I am having problems with my web host dealing with with the mySQL database.  Unfortunately this causes my forums and media gallery to run extremely slow (in some cases it will give a 104 error).  When I get this problem resolve, you can expect some WONDERFUL things from this site!  Site tight and bare with me, thanks!
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This is the main menu to my site. Main
Here are the webstats for my site, including 404 errors, top search results, and site visits. Web Stats
If you wish to contact me, here are ways to reach me by snail mail, phone, and more. Contacting Madd ** \ ??
I am a proud father!  You can check on updated information and pictures here! Little X ** \ ??
JOHD is my journal, hosted via, and marks the UNFILTERED thoughts and experiences of my life.  Read with caution. JOHD ** \ ??
My personal forums for chatting about any and everything.  Free sign up, no ads or pop-ups. Message Forums ** \ ??
This is my work schedule, and can be used to see what days and what time I work. Work Schedule ** \ ??
My NTN stats for Texas Hold'em, Countdown, Wipeout, and more! Buzztime Stats ** \ ??
This is my Yahoo 360 profile.  If you use Yahoo you can add me here. Yahoo Profile ** \ ??
This is MSN space, a more "reliable" service than here, not being slow and down all the time! MSN Madd Space ** \ ??
Here is my Xbox Live gamer card info, showing recently played games, and achievements! Xbox Live ** \ ??
Many people on the net want to download, and do so for free.  Here are free downloads! Download Area
The infamous song from Spark and Madd! Boobies.mp3
The infamous boobies song, radio edit version. Boobies edit.mp3
Zeldo is a nice little Zelda tune I made millions of years ago. Zelda.mp3
Hillbilly Theme Parody brought to you by my actual guitar! Hillbilly.mp3
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